The World’s First Handheld Vibrating Muscle Roller.

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  • A Revolutionary Muscle Roller With Infinite Reach

    The traditional foam roller is designed to focus on the body’s largest muscle groups but your smaller, harder to reach muscles and joints hurt the most. It’s time for a roller your body will love.

    Introducing Viberoll, an interchangeable handheld vibrating muscle roller designed to deliver targeted pain relief for tight muscles, knots, kinks and trigger points.

    Experience the next generation of muscle rollers.

  • Design Features

    • Interchangeable Wheels

      Easily target a variety of muscle and joint zones such as upper and lower back, calves, shins, forearms, feet, knees, shoulders and neck.

    • Three-Mode Vibration Settings

      Viberoll provides a superior rolling experience that delivers firm, vibrating pressure for key areas of your body.

    • Compact, Portable Design

      Easily carry around and use your Viberoll at home, your office, the gym, or yoga studio. Its portability is unparalleled.

  • Viberoll
  • Restorative Benefits

    Experience the rejuvenating benefits of Viberoll before, during or after your workouts to soothe and invigorate your sore, tired and aching muscles.

    Athletes, personal trainers and physical therapists recommend Viberoll to help:

    Experience the next generation of muscle rollers.

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